Meet Our Staff

Cathy Coulombe

Cathy began her career in Massachusetts over 30 years ago as a “shampoo girl”. Tasks grew to include just about everything other than cutting. So years later, after the last of her four children began school, returning to school herself was only natural. Cathy loves the beauty industry, continuing her education at every opportunity. She especially loves multidimensional foiling, and working with natural, curly hair. By opening Tranquility, her hope from the beginning was to create a comfortable setting for an unforgettable experience. As a business owner downtown, she is a member of the Exeter Area Chamber, HERON, and the Exeter Rotary. When not in the salon, she can often be found doing volunteer work within the Exeter community. And when time allows, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Wayne, or just reading, usually with a dog by her side. Cathy is currently not taking on any new hair clients.

Tess Peterson

Tess is a multi-faceted cosmetologist, performing services related to hair care, nail care, and waxing. While she enjoys practicing all elements of her craft, her creativity and attention to detail help her specialize in transformational, dramatic cutting and coloring, as well as gorgeous wedding hairstyles. She’s always enjoyed being innovative, considering hairstyling and coloring to be an art form—finding joy in new shapes, curly hairstyling, foil placement and vivid colors. While it’s a great way to express herself, she strives to inspire her clients to express themselves too. Her focus is always on an individual client’s life and style, but at the end of the day, its all about making people feel beautiful and more confident in themselves. Tess believes in continuing with her education whenever she can, staying up to date on the latest trends, and her time at Tranquility has brought her new responsibilities in salon management. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, caring for animals, and painting & drawing, when time allows.

Jilliane Ravell

Jilliane is a hairstylist and makeup artist exhibiting a careful attention to detail and a passion for learning. She grew up in New Hampshire, but has traveled extensively seeking education, including an internship at Red Market Salon in New York where her love of balayage began. These beginnings and hard work have provided Jillian with a great skill set and confidence in her work. Creating beautiful, natural looking blondes is her specialty and she loves to make her blondes even blonder! She focuses on the health and integrity of her clients’ hair, leaving every guest looking and feeling their absolute best! Jillian’s other love is curly hair—providing clients the best in curly hair services and teaching them to love their curls! When not in the salon, Jilliane enjoys singing, playing piano, writing music and photography. She believes being a cosmetologist has helped her find another creative art form that she absolutely adores. Jilliane plans to continue with training to someday become an educator herself, and spends her time off camping, hiking, traveling and hanging out with her cat, Spooky.

Haley Wiggen

Haley has been a Seacoast stylist since 2013, specializing in artisan coloring & blonding services. One of her greatest satisfactions comes from being able to dramatically change someone’s appearance with a new style. She’s personally had every color imaginable! Haley loves doing hair extensions… mostly tape ins, but also loves educating clients on maintenance, and teaching them how to apply clips for themselves. Haley is also certified in smoothing systems and offers facial waxing. She loves making people feel like themselves again. The ability to turn a bad day into a great one, seeing people walk out happy—loving her work, is what motivates her.  Furthering her education is a personal goal, believing training really never ends in the beauty industry, with a desire to challenge herself and learn new techniques. When not behind the chair, she loves spending time with her children, making memories with them.

Leslie Girard

Leslie may be a familiar face as she’s a lifelong Exeter resident. She wanted to be in the beauty industry since she was a little girl, but had a few life detours along the way before achieving her dream. Now Leslie is dual licensed, with degrees in barbering and advanced esthetics. It was during esthetics training that she discovered the barber class. Leslie found herself motivated: she knew that it was her destiny to become a barber herself. She has a great love for the art of barbering. As an esthetician, Leslie loves providing instant results for her clients with skilled treatments, such as dermaplaning, and enjoys executing any and all facial services. She also finds great satisfaction helping people truly relax in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. She’s an old soul who loves music, mostly blues and jazz, and loves vintage fashion and culture. Leslie’s an animal lover and loves watching wildlife documentaries. But her family is everything- she’s newly-wed, and has a teenage son active in varsity sports who keeps her very busy!


Gloria Stanley

Having struggled with skin care concerns for many years, Gloria put herself through school graduating with a certificate of advanced esthetics. Our lead esthetician, Gloria specializes in acneic skin types, and has extensive training in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, hair removal, and make-up. She loves brow shaping, especially the satisfaction in seeing the before and after. With a passion for beauty from a young age, she’s always intrigued to learn about new skin care products, tools, and make-up. She loves to be creative, creating perfect make-up for weddings and proms, as well as helping her clients with everyday looks. Gloria finds it rewarding making her guests feel confident and helping clients with their skin—always striving to create a serene environment and experience during any service. When not working, Gloria loves just listening to music, dancing, kayaking, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends.

Tatum Clinard

Tatum became interested in esthetics back in middle school, when she discovered the local skin institute in her hometown and began visiting frequently. This introduction helped lead her along her current career path. Always one aimed to please, while earning her degree in advanced esthetics, she realized how rewarding it was helping women and men feel more confident. Whether it’s through body waxing, skin care, eyelash & eyebrow enhancement, or nail services, she loves it all and loves learning new skills. Tatum has an eye for envisioning end results, and loves getting creative with makeup, for everyday, special occasions, or just for fun! In her free time, Tatum loves the outdoors, kayaking, hiking and the beach. She also enjoys reading and going to concerts, is passionate about the environment and animals, especially her much-loved dog, Blue Boy.

Carol Norris

Carol has been practicing massage therapy since 2003. Her goal is to accommodate each client’s specific needs, whether you’re looking for a deeper massage to target problem areas, or to simply relax the body and mind to a more receptive state for healing. Carol’s ten years plus experience at a high end resort spa, and her nearly twenty years of various studies and training, make it easy for her to custom tailor each session. Carol’s spa experience also allows her to offer a wide range of services, including hot stone massage, and body wraps & scrubs. When she isn’t working, Carol is enjoying her time at home with her husband and two children. Anytime the weather allows you can find her outside tending to the yard and her various plants and flowers, or simply just enjoying her surroundings.

Donna Cotnoir

A hair and makeup professional that’s been in the beauty industry for over 25 years, Donna is Tranquility’s wedding specialist. She has attended various seminars, ranging in all aspects of the cosmetology field. Her focus has been on theatrical work, commercial films, magazines, fashion events, custom makeovers, and of course, weddings. Donna gets great pleasure from being able to help an individual to look and feel good about themselves. When away from clients, she enjoys time with her husband and grown children, and family activities such as hiking and cross-country skiing.

Laura Rodger

Laura has been a hairstylist since 2000, and while continuing to work with her existing clientele, her true passion is her energy work. Challenges along her journey some years back became a huge gift, when Laura was intuitively guided to work with world-renowned spiritual teacher, Lola Jones. Laura was initiated to give consciousness openings, physical healings, and light activations, and since 2012, she has participated in over 25 Vipassana ten day meditations. Working with energies, Laura experiences more ease, peace, and eagerness for life. This gift she intends for anyone open to feeling better- body, mind and spirit, as a guide through Divine Openings. Laura, an Exeter native, has her bachelors degree in photography, and has raised two amazing daughters. Laura is currently not booking any new hair clients through Tranquility, but would love to share her energy work with you.