Body & Soul

Indulge yourself with one of our customized body treatments. Awaken your senses. Relax your body. Soothe your soul.

Body & Soul Treatments

We offer a unique and effective array of body therapies including scrubs, reiki, wraps and chakra balancing. These treatments are designed with both healing and relaxation in mind.

Service Starting Price
Exfoliating Body Glow
Our gentle body polish is a sugar based, creamy blend that refines skin without irritation, awakening circulation while removing impurities & dulling skin cells. The result is a radiant sheen, an even skin tone, and a satin smooth texture.
Purifying Back Treatment
This is the perfect treatment for men and women alike. Whether you're experiencing "backne", or just looking for a deep cleanse of that hard to reach area, this is the treatment for you. Your esthetician will cleanse, exfoliate, massage and hydrate while you lay there and de-­‐stress.
Detoxifying Seaweed Infusion
A classic treatment for dry under nourished skin that lacks tone. A full body seaweed infusion will be painted on while each body part is snugly wrapped and then covered with a Mylar blanket. The body is kept warm and perspiration is expected in order to release toxins and impurities so the body can successfully absorb the vital mineral salts in order to restore moisture and elasticity. Enjoy a botanical scalp treatment while you relax during this treatment.
Firm and Tone Treatment
Formulated for individuals with cellulite and stretch marks. Designed to reduce and reverse dimpling while increasing skin firmness and elasticity. You’ll feel it working, improving the visual texture of problematic skin.

This treatment is recommended in a series for long--lasting results.
Series of 6 -­‐ $550
Hot Stone Therapy
Basalt stones infused with aromatic essential oils radiate heat deep into muscles, releasing tension while calming your senses. This treatment, provided by your esthetician, is accompanied by a light massage, resulting in improved circulation and overall relaxation.
1 hour $95
A Reiki experience is a calm, peaceful and safe method for self-­‐improvement. Reiki addresses both chronic and acute conditions, through healing touch and symbols to gently and powerfully promote and restore balance among all the body’s systems and the regenerative processes of the mind, body, and spirit. Essential oils may also be used to further enhance the chakra balancing and alignment. One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities, further improving and maintaining health.

*Include Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy for just $20.00
30 minutes $60*
60 minutes $85*
90 minutes $115 (chakra balancing aromatherapy included.)
Ear Candling
Centuries old, candling is a safe, holistic way to help alleviate pressure in the inner ear associated with wax build up, sinusitis, earaches, swimmer's ear & allergies. A wax cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit on the opposite end to create a slow vacuum removing old earwax & noxious toxins. This treatment has also been known to help release cranial pressure caused by airplane altitudes if done prior to flying. A light facial massage accompanies this therapy.

Please keep in mind that some body treatments require the removal of most clothing, although undergarments are expected. You will be kept respectfully covered at all times. No need to worry about being cold, our treatment beds are heated.